Juggling Multiple Books at Once

The new semester began today! One of my classes is AP Literature and Composition. We were given a copy of Frankenstein to read by February 1. While this does not seem like a particularly hard task, I have to balance it with Ophelia, another book that I am reading purely for pleasure. I have issues with reading more than one book at a time.

First, I fear that I might forget important events that I previously read when I switch between books.

Second, I sometimes confuse the events in each book (for example, thinking that what happened in one happened in both, when it really didn’t). 

Last, but certainly not least, I like to fully immerse myself in the world of the book. Let me tell you, these two books have VERY different atmospheres to them. It’s hard for me to get in the groove when I am constantly switching up the settings, plotlines, character, etc. 

Oh, and in addition to those two books, I have to find time to read The Hunger Games before the movie comes out in March. I have a rule that I can see a movie that is based on a novel only after I read the book. I typically find that I like the movie more than the book, but I’ll discuss this topic in a later post. Hopefully I’ll find time to finish Ophelia before the end of this week so that I can primarily focus on Frankenstein over the weekend.

Do you like to read multiple books, or focus on one at a time?



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