A Classics Reading Challenge!

I figure my semester in AP Literature will help me complete this challenge. In fact, I’m reading Frankenstein right now, so I’m already on my way to completing the first of seven classics! On the 4th of each month, the host will post a question on her blog that will fit with any classic. This is an interesting way to learn everyone’s opinions, and I’m looking forward to the diversity of the questions! Here’s my list of books that I plan on reading for this event:

1. Frankenstein

Like I said above, I am reading this for class. Besides that, who doesn’t love a horror novel every now and then?

2.  Hamlet

This will be another book that I read for class. However, Shakespeare is timeless, and it parallels Ophelia (which I am also reading right now!), so it should be a fun read.

3. Pride and Prejudice

I LOVE this time period!! I haven’t read anything by Austen yet, but I’ve seen the movie, and it was amazing! I can’t think of a better first book to read for Austen.

4. Heart of Darkness

Yet another book I will be reading for class. I’m not sure how I feel about it, but I’ll let you know when I start it.

5. Vanity Fair

I picked this up at my local bookstore a few months ago. I’ll be honest-the cover pulled me in first. I’m a sucker for a fun cover. Hopefully the inside will be as fulfilling as the outside

6. This Side of Paradise

Ohhhh Fitzgerald, how you tugged at my heartstrings with The Great Gatsby! I enjoyed that novel (and sortakinda cried a few tears), so I’m hoping this one will be a winner.

7. The Woman in White

I had to scour other blogs to find my seventh book, but I think I’ve succeeded!! I’ve heard it’s an excellent read, but I have absolutely no idea what it is about. I’m feeling brave right now, so I’m going to go for it!

I’m joining this challenge a little late, but the host only requires that you respond to three of the twelve prompts on her blog. I like the fact that this is a very “go with the flow” type of challenge.



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  1. Excellent choices! I adore 1, 2, 3, and 5. Enjoy! 😀

  2. Thank you! I should be able to finish Frankenstein and post a review later this week. I greatly appreciate your interest in my blog! I will add yours to my blogroll next time I make a post.

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