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The Big 1-8!!!! (And Other News)

Wow, I can’t believe that I’ll be 18 on Saturday!! First on my To-Do List as an adult? Buy a lottery ticket!! Stereotypical, I know; however, I’m reallyreally excited for it all the same.

Besides my birthday news, I wanted to write about something else I’m looking forward to…the HUNGER GAMES MOVIE!!! Everybody at school is talking about it. I’m actually planning on splurging and pre-ordering my ticket for the midnight premiere, which I never do. I usually wait for the local theater to show the movie because the tickets are cheaper, and its closer to home.

I also want to see The Vow and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, but I’m willing to wait until I can watch them on Netflix at home with my family. I’m reading Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close right now. So far, it’s a great read!

Homework is calling my name, but I plan on reading a few more chapters before I fall asleep. That’s it for now. Until next time…



World Book Night

Woohoooooo! I officially received an email informing me that I am a “World Book Night book giver.” I am so excited to share my love of books with people in my community! Hopefully I will be able to inspire at least one person to become a bookworm 🙂



My name is Miranda, and I decided to join the blogging world to review books that I have read. I guess I should start with a little intro, so here are the basics:

1. I am a senior in high school (yay Class of 2012!!).

2. I have been reading ever since I can remember.

3. I like almost every genre, but I particularly enjoy fiction, historical fiction, memoirs, and classics.

4. I have two adorable dogs.

5. I am the oldest of three girls.

I have set a goal of reading 50 books during 2012. Eventually, I want to create a list of books I have read in the past. I am completely new to blogging, so please stick with me as I figure things out!